Superintendent’s Report

Reclamation District 799

Super’s Report by Kristy Petrosh - August 28, 2014

  • Part of Our Everyday Routine
  • Routine Levee Patrols
  • Routine Pump Checks and cleaning infront of pump grates to insure constant flow
  • Routine Beaver Dam Removal
  • Things that happen over the month
  • We had felt the aftershock form the 6.1 earthquake, Sunday morning I decided to go out on a full levee inspection and check all the pumps to make sure they were all still working
  • There was a 42ft houseboat that had docked on the side of our levee and I will have CES do a field report
  • Meet with Tommy Sizemore for ditch cleaning
  • Meet with CDBG(Department of Conservation and Development) for looking into getting a grant to fix/replace our pumps
  • Meet with DOORS , was for registering the equiptment
  • The boom arm/flail for the tractor is up and running now as well as all the equipment in the yard
  • We are repairing the levee at SM# 02+00 to 10+00 on Dutch Sl Rd. Its about a 60ft repair and we have been working on it since Monday hoping to finish today possible tomorrow

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